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alexi delano - what is control

audiomatique 21, 12"

born in chile, raised in sweden, alexi delano relocated to nyc in the mid 90ies. since transplanting to the us, alexi has continued assaulting the dance floors with his djing around the continent, many solo productions as well as collaborations with artists such as jesper dahlback (adjd), cari lekebusch, casey hogan, jori hulkkonen and lucas rodenbush. he also released under his moniker a.d.n.y. after almost 20 years of djing and many productions for a number of respectable labels inclunding dessous, hybrid, missile, raw elements, plumphouse, svek, jericho, primevil, strive, earthtones, turbo, plastic city and now audiomatique he becomes an old stager in the biz...

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